06.04.2022 – How to Transition to Product Leadership in 12 Months

We are pleased to announce that Katia and Daniil are hosting an exciting webinar as part of B-DoSE entitled:

How to Transition to Product Leadership in 12 Months

At the moment, all events are taking place completely remotely. All registered attendees will receive the zoom link via Xing around 4pm on the day of the event.

6 pm:      Welcome & networking/breakoutsessions

6:30 pm: Session start


Navigating the Product Management journey mid-career can be a very frustrating and lonely experience. Many of us get stuck in the shoes of a Product Manager longer than necessary, while only a handful of us get a lucky ticket to leadership by chance or design.

However, while the PM career might be elusive, there are proven ways of becoming a product leader, given the right mindset, support, and circumstances.
You will walk away with techniques and tips you can start applying right away at your current company. And while the journey ahead is not easy, it is entirely possible if you’re willing to roll the sleeves and take a proactive approach to your personal growth.

In this interactive webinar, we want you to learn:
– What product leadership is and what it is not
– How to become intentional and strategic about your career
– Leadership framework: how to lead through managing complexities in your product area


### Meet Daniil:

When I was starting as a PM, product management was a relatively new thing, and I never had a product leader in the company who would look after me. I faced many difficulties and had to learn the ropes the hard way. Looking back now, it surely would have helped to have an experienced product mentor by my side.
I moved to Product from Engineering 9 years ago, and right now I live in Berlin and work remotely as Head of Product at TIER ($2 bln valuation), where I lead several product teams in the Product Growth area.
Besides the main work, I help product managers develop missing skills, become product leaders, or simply get on track for promotion through coaching or by giving keynotes. On top of that, I also produce a podcast where I interview impactful leaders from the product industry. Funny enough, that’s how I met Katia and we decided to work together.

### Meet Katia:

My product career began over ten years ago when product management was mainly about translating business requirements into stories. Since then, a lot has changed. Yet, the problem of career transition still exists – the majority of Senior PMs I coach and mentor are still not sure how to “cross the chasm” and become a leader.
Before transitioning to PM coaching and co-founding a company, I worked across various B2C and B2B product areas in enterprises, such as ServiceNow, and hyper-growing startups like 15five where I led and directly managed a distributed team of senior product managers.